For the Spin to Win prizes, you must collect all 3 badges in a "set" to enable the redeem button and collect your prize.
For example, to win the pair of the sunglasses, you need to win all 3 badges in the set:

-"Stunner Shades"
-"Old School Sunglasses"
-"Aviator Sunglasses"

Once you have all 3 badges in a set, you can then click "Redeem".

For example, the user below has earned the "Aviator Sunnies", but they still need "Stunner Shades" and "Old School Sunglasses" before they can redeem their sunglasses prize:

In the below example, this OhmConnect user has won all 3 badges in the "Thermostat" section, and the prize is ready to be redeemed! 

All spin results are random.
You can see all the badges you've won so far on your token redeem page.

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