Here is a quick guide in how to connect your TP-Link Smart Plug! It is super easy and I hope this guide will be helpful in you succeeding in connecting your device so you can start saving more!

Before we start, please make sure you have connected your TP-Link with your Kasa App, logged in, and are able to turn your Smart Plug on/off remotely.

Note: The Remote Control function of the Kasa device is now enabled automatically once the device is configured and linked to the TP-Link Cloud successfully, and on the Device Settings page of the Kasa device, the Remote Control option is not visible.

Now that you got that connected on Kasa, time to make your way to your device page found on your dashboard.

Find your smart plug widget and click "Connect"

Select "TP-Link" from the drop down menu and click "Connect" again.

You will be redirected to TP-Link. Please enter your log-in credentials to your TP-Link account.

That's the last step! You will be redirected back to your device page with this message!

Still having connection issues?

Please contact support and please provide a screenshot of the error that you see so we can better understand the error you are experiencing. Thank you!

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