If you have any non-Nest smart home devices connected to your OhmConnect account (including things like a TP-Link smart plug or an ecobee smart thermostat), we automatically turn off your device at the start of an #Ohmhour, then turn the device back on at the end of the #OhmHour.

Because we are now an official “Works with Nest” product, the experience with the Nest smart thermostat is now much more delightful! 

During an #OhmHour, we won't turn off the device. Rather, we set your Nest to its Eco Temperatures setting (which can be set and modified through your Nest app), which adjusts your temperature set-point to ensure you are saving energy, but at the same time ensures your house doesn’t get too hot or cold. After the #OhmHour has finished, we’ll automatically restore your Nest thermostat back to its previous schedule.

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