While we are constantly improving the reliability of our #OhmHour notifications and device controls during #OhmHours, there may still be times where we fail to send a notification or turn off devices in a timely fashion.

Our new automated event forgiveness feature will do the following:

  1. Recognize that we did not send you an #OhmHour start notification within 5 minutes of an #OhmHour starting and/or had a failure on our end to control your devices at the beginning of an #OhmHour.
  2. Email you and put an announcement on your dashboard to let you know that it happened and what we are doing about it.
  3. Protect your streak and remove any negative points if needed when your results get processed.

Please note that step 3 will only happen when your data comes in from your utility.

If you had an issue with devices or notifications during an #OhmHour, please check your email first to see if you received an email from us.  If you weren't notified, please feel free to contact customer support to review your situation.

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