Your #OhmHour details page has everything you want to know about each of your #OhmHours. To dig into into a certain #OhmHour, just click on the #OhmHour in question on your dashboard.

On the details page, you'll see the #OhmHour Info, Rewards Breakdown, and #OhmHour Forecast, along with answers to a few questions you may have.

#OhmHour Info

This is where you'll see the details of your #OhmHour, such as when the #OhmHour happened, your Forecast, how much energy you used, and your overall reduction percentage.  

If the #OhmHour hasn't happened yet, you'll see TBD for your energy use and reduction.

Rewards Breakdown

Here, we do all the tough calculations for you. You'll see your base #OhmHour points, your Status Bonus and your Streak Bonus You can see even more information about your points in your downloadable points history.
Keep in mind, these numbers can change if we get new data from your utility.

A note about rounding numbers
We don't show decimals here to keep our interface simple, but when one of your total numbers needs to be rounded, you may end up falling below (or above) the sum of the individual values by a point or two.


Here's where you can see how your forecast was determined based on how much energy you used over the last 10 days. For a deeper dive into how we determine your forecast, click here


If you have a question about an #OhmHour, get in touch with us! We list the most common types of questions — so first give those a try. If you don't find an answer, you can chat with us by clicking "Something else".

General Notes:

While you're going through your #OhmHour details page, if something doesn't look right, you can verify the data with your utility to ensure what we're showing is accurate. If you see a discrepancy, contact customer support so we can fix it for you. 

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