Hey, it happens. You don't quite beat your forecast, and end up with 0 or negative points and a broken streak. We've all been there. 

Why do we get negative points?

Just like a power plant, OhmConnect has contractual obligations to the grid to provide energy when needed. When an #OhmHour doesn’t provide the energy savings expected, OhmConnect receives a financial penalty. These financial penalties are passed along to users who don’t save energy during the event as negative points. 

Do I have to pay back negative points?

If you get negative points, those points will just be removed from your points total. It should only take you a couple of #OhmHours to make up the points you lost. #OhmConnect has no fees, and we will never charge you for anything except devices purchased in our store.

But what if the numbers don't look quite right, and you doubt the accuracy of the data #OhmConnect is providing?...

Something looks fishy. How can I verify that the data you are using is correct?

If you believe your utility has delivered incorrect data, or that we are using incorrect or outdated data, your utility has an easy way to verify your power consumption data.
Green Button data is a secure way to access and download your usage data. If you find that our data differs from your utility data, please let us know by including a screenshot of that data for that #OhmHour so we can fix it and make sure you get paid properly for your efforts.

I wasn't notified of this #OhmHour

If you had an #OhmHour but got no notification email or SMS, first check your settings to make sure you're all set to receive SMS and/or email notifications, and check the "Times you'd like to receive #OhmHours" section as well. 

 If you still have issues, get in touch with us!

I opted out of this #OhmHour, but it was still counted

If you lost points on an #OhmHour you believe you opted out of, let us know so we can make sure to fix it. Don't forget, opting out saves you from getting negative points, but it still breaks your streak. 

Other #OhmHour questions

My #OhmHour is showing TBD
Your utility takes approximately 48 hours to process and send us your smart meter data.  This is true even if you are able to see your usage much sooner on their website. That's why you'll sometimes see "TBD" for about 2 days in your #OhmHour performance. As soon as your data is received, we process your #OhmHour performance. 

If you see ‘TBD’ longer than 2 days, a few things could be happening:

  1. Your utility might be having a delay. It's not uncommon for the utility companies to take longer than 2 days to process your data. If your utility is slow to send us your data, try giving it a few more days. It almost always works itself out after about a week.
  2. We might have lost your utility connection. If you notice you are at Bronze status level, we aren't currently receiving meter data for you. Go to your settings page to ensure your utility is connected.
  3. Did you move? If you moved and didn't let us know, you'll likely see a few TBDs in a row. If you have moved, let us know so we can set your account up accordingly. 

Why did I get different points for similar #OhmHours?

The cost of energy varies widely from minute to minute and location. Due to this, the points for #OhmHours varies from event to event, and from location to location, a lot like the stock market. No two #OhmHours are ever priced the same. That's why you'll often see different points for hours where you had close to the same reductions. With this said, you should expect your earnings to vary greatly.

You can track your #OhmHour rewards along with streak and status bonuses in your points history

How can I make sure I never get negative points again?

If you didn't beat your forecast, we have some great tips to help you really crush it on your next #Ohmhour.

Still have questions? Feel free to contact support and we'll happy to help you out. 

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