What are #OhmHours?

#OhmHours are energy saving events where our community collectively reduces our use to lower the strain on the energy grid. 

Most of the time, the energy market accurately predicts how much energy will be needed in a given region. But sometimes, people use more energy than forecasted, which means the grid will turn on a “fast-acting power plant” to balance the system.

And while they may be quick and effective, these fast-acting power plants aren’t great for the planet or our pocketbooks. They’re very expensive to operate and most of the time, they use fossil fuels pretty inefficiently. (On average, they produce 2 - 3x the carbon emissions that a typical power plant generates and spews out local pollution into the surrounding neighborhoods.)

By participating in an #OhmHour, you are helping your community avoid the situation where one of these dirty, expensive peaker plants is turned on.

Here's a graph of how an #OhmHour works:

Are there different kinds of #OhmHours?

Yes, there are different kinds of #OhmHours! Regular (or Points #OhmHours), Prize #OhmHours, and MEGA #OhmHours.

How often do #OhmHours happen?

You can expect an #OhmHour about every week or two. During times when the grid is really strained, like the summer, you might be asked to participate in 3 or more #OhmHours in a week. But that just means more opportunity to reduce power, and put more money in your pocket. As the weather cools in the fall and winter, expect to have fewer #OhmHours.

Want to learn more?

Read all about #OhmHour logistics & settings.

Still have questions? Feel free to contact support, and we'll happily help you out. 

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