Do you remember high school math class? If you do, you'll remember that “If/Then” statements were used in solving mathematical proofs. Even if you don't remember geometry,  you probably use If/Then statements every day: “If it’s cold outside, I’ll take the bus to work instead of riding my bike.”

IFTTT (standing for "If This Then That") takes the idea of the "If/Then" statement and brings it to your life. Through the IFTTT site and accompanying app, users are able to create logic statements that help them pair up Internet-enabled services and devices in ways that can make life easier, more efficient or more entertaining. Here's a fun one: "If it rains outside, order a pizza from Dominos." Seriously, you can do that.

You can also automate smart plugs, dryers, thermostats, and more during your #OhmHours. Check out this FAQ for more information.

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