How are solar baselines and reductions calculated?

Your solar baseline is calculated differently than a normal baseline. Why? OhmConnect receives data from your home, but that data is a combination of your solar generation and your usage. 

Let's say you normally use 1kWh of electricity. If you produce 2kWh of solar at the same time, we will record:  1kWh - 2kWh = -1kWh. Your baseline is -1kWh.

Now, let's say that you reduce your normal usage from 1kWh to .5kWh. We will record that your usage was: .5kWh - 2kWh = -1.5kWh

The difference between your baseline and usage is what you are paid for delivering.

Why is electricity that I produce a negative number, whereas what I consume is a positive number?
When you produce electricity, your meter spins backwards... so it registers negative numbers!!

For information about how we calculate your status tiers for solar, please click here.

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