The referral report .csv tells you all you need to know about your pending and completed referrals.
You can find your referral report on your referral dashboard

When you click "here", an Excel file will download. You'll see it in the lower-left corner of your browser. Click it to open the referral report .csv. 

Here is what the different columns in the .csv file mean:

Referral Status
Here you'll see a number of different entries, such as:
-FINISH_SETUP: Referral still needs to complete setup.
-PENDING: Referral is waiting for approval from their utility provider.
-APPROVED: Referral has been approved by their utility. (They may still be in a separate Demand Response Program)(DRP))

Email Address
The email address of your referral.

Signed Up Date
The date your referral first signed up with #OhmConnect.

The utility provider your referral is connected to. (PG&E, SCE, SDG&E, etc.)

Highest Tier
The highest status level your referral has reached so far. (Carbon, Bronze, Silver, etc.)

Number of reminder messages sent
How many reminders you have sent to this referral.

Connected Utility
TRUE: Your referral has connected their OhmConnect account to their utility
FALSE: Your referral still needs to connect their utility.

Enrollment From Submitted
Shows if this user has submitted their enrollment form to their utility.

The date the enrollment was submitted to their utility.

Enrollment Response
ok: The utility has approved your referral's enrollment.
n/a or blank: Your referral's utility has not yet approved their enrollment.

Date your referral's utility approved their enrollment.

Total Points Awarded
How many points you have been awarded for this referral.

Total Tokens Awarded
How many tokens you have been awarded for this referral.

Here you'll see a number of different entries relating to each referral, such as:
-Remind them to connect utility
     Your referral still needs to connect to their utility.
-Location not eligible:
     Referral is in a utility we do not yet support.
-In a separate utility Demand Response Program
     Referral is in a conflicting DRP  and must dis-enroll before they can be approved.
-Pending utility approval
     Request has been submitted and is awaiting approval by their utility.
-This user has deleted their account
     Referral has deleted their OhmConnect account.

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