The OhmConnect dashboard is where it all happens. You can see your #OhmHour results, including how we calculated your forecast, view your points and tokens histories, see your status level and streaks bonus, and much more.

The navigation bar is where you can access such OhmConnect features as:

Teams: You can join a team here to donate your points to a school or cause along with other OhmConnect team members. (Teams will not appear in the navigation bar unless you are on a team)

Devices: You can connect smart devices (such as thermostats and smart plugs) and cell phones on the connect page.

Store: Purchase smart devices and other OhmConnect items here.

Help: Access our FAQ knowledge-base, read the OhmConnect forums, or contact #OhmConnect support from here.

Settings: Click your icone in the upper-right to get to settings, or to log-out of your OhmConnect account.

#OhmHour Performance

Here is where you can see the results of all of your past #OhmHours. The points you earned are displayed on each of your regular #OhmHours and you'll see a star for Prize #OhmHours. Click on the points for an #OhmHour to see all the details about that #OhmHour. If you have opted out of an #OhmHour, you'll see "OUT" in the place where the points would be.

You can also download your points history by clicking "Download Points History".  In your points history, you can track your points earned, streak bonuses, status level bonuses, referrals, and more.


Here, you can see your accumulated points total from your regular #OhmHours, referrals, and rebates. Here you'll also see if you've qualified for the next prize drawing from Prize #OhmHours. 

You can cash out your points here by clicking "Cash out". You can chose to have your points cashed out in one of the following ways:

  1. Cash out to your PayPal account. 
  2. Cash out to an Amazon gift card.
  3. Cash out to a Target gift card.
  4. Donate your points to a cause.
  5. Send your points to one of your referrals or someone on your team.
  6. Cash out to OhmConnect store credit that you can use in our store

This widget also shows how many tokens you have collected. You can go to the Token Marketplace to spend your tokens on power-ups and spins for prizes.


You can see your streak here, along with your streak bonus %, and your personal best streak.

Status Level

You can check your status level here, along with your average reduction for the past 20 #OhmHours.

Invite Friends

Click "Invite Friends" to find your referral code to invite your friends to join OhmConnect.  When one of your referrals reaches Silver status, you'll get 2000 points, and they will get 1000 points!


If you have smart devices, you'll be automatically enrolled in our new shorter energy-saving events, AutoOhms! Learn more here

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