The hours when we ask you to reduce your electricity (i.e. #OhmHours) occur randomly. They happen when the grid is strained, which is almost impossible to predict.

Sometimes we are notified a day in advance when utility companies anticipate the need. Other times these notifications occur several minutes before the #OhmHour, but that means that the grid really needs energy during that time. We send you a notification as soon as we receive information from the energy operators and we always try to let you know with as much heads up as possible.

A good way to keep your power reduction down during an #OhmHour is with a TP-Link smart plug or two connected to your major appliances. When an #OhmHour starts, we'll automatically turn your smart plugs off, then we'll turn them on again at the end of the #OhmHour.

You can find TP-Link smart plugs and other smart devices in our store.

If you find that you cannot participate in an upcoming #OhmHour, you can always opt-out of an #OhmHour in your #OhmHour notification email or text. 

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