OhmConnect hopes to eventually work with all electrical utility providers in California. For now, OhmConnect is not supported by the following California utilities:
(Please be aware there may be more utilities that do not appear on this list.)

LADWP Los Angeles Department of Water and Power
Contact LADWP

SMUD Sacramento Municipal Utility District
Contact SMUD

MID Modesto Irrigation District
Contact MID

TID Turlock Irrigation District
Contact TID

REU Redding Electric Utility
Contact REU

If you have Arcadia Power, please use your utility credentials to log in.

How can I request my utility to start supporting OhmConnect?
We encourage you to use the contact links above to reach out to your utility and ask they support OhmConnect. If you're writing to your utility, or sending an email,  you can write something along these lines:

Hello - 

I am writing in request to have you support OhmConnect. We have heard of OhmConnect through friends and family, and have heard of the good experience that they have all had. I would like to participate in a program like the one they have put together in California, Texas, and Canada. You can contact the OhmConnect team at partners@ohmconnect.com. 

Thank you!

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