If you had a single recent event where you were told you missed your forecast and earned negative points, please read this article to learn more.

OhmConnect calculates your forecast and your OhmHour results based on an official data feed we receive from your utility.  While we usually receive stable data within 48 hours, we have been seeing issues where utility data is delayed, utility data is missing the first time around, or in very rare cases where utilities correct and resend updated data.

During the summer of 2017 we updated our systems to be able to handle these data abnormalities to reduce the number of gaps and TBDs our users see.  These include:

  • Ongoing recalculation for data received within three weeks:  we automatically rerun calculations for three weeks to catch any missing or updating data received from your utility.  Any results that generate a change of more than 0.5 points in either direction will result in a full recalculation of base points, bonus points, and streaks for all events after the change. 
  • Event level recalculation after three weeks:  Data received outside of the three week window but within one year will be used to recalculate the results for that event only, resulting in an update to points and counting towards status, but not applied to streaks.
  • Estimated baseline for limited data:  if we do not have the full number of days to calculate your baseline, it will be estimated based on the days we have available at the time but then recalculated if received within three weeks, through the process referenced above.

As a result of this recent effort we will be able to address data gaps more quickly and without your intervention, but you will from time to time see small changes to your results, which can sometimes have larger downstream impacts depending how far back the change was and if it impacted your streak. 

Here are some common questions users have concerning these recalculations:

Why are my #OhmHour results showing TBD?

TBD results means we have not received enough data from your utility for that #OhmHour so we can’t calculate your performance.  You will need to wait until data is populated and may see a change in your total points in the future if you broke your streak.

Why did points go down for an #OhmHour on my dashboard?

This is likely due to new data being received and/or data gaps being closed.  If the change resulted in going over your forecast, you will lose streak bonuses for that and future events.

If you are concerned that the details aren’t correct, look at your #OhmHour details and compare the numbers to your utility green button data.  

Why did my total points drop into negative numbers?

A negative total point balance is very unlikely but can occur when an event was recalculated from a few weeks prior, you ended up having missed your forecast in that event and broken a long streak, and then cashed out before the points were recalculated.  The points CSV file will show the recalculations taking place after a points cash out event.  Most users in this situation are able to gain their points back in a few ohmhours to get back to earning positive points.

If you didn’t withdraw your points, take a look at known technical issues in the FAQs where we will be posting any broader issues or feel free to reach out to customer support.

How can I tell if my points have been recalculated?

The first column of your Points History CSV shows the date for when the record was created.  If you see rows where that date is significantly after the OhmHour Date, that is an indication that your points were recalculated.

Why do I see a lot of negative numbers in my Points History .csv file

The #OhmHours are recalculated based on more recent data that we get from your utility. Sometimes we get data on a daily basis which means your data has been updated daily. That is why some of  the numbers in your points history might be out of order. When we recalculate the data, we have a process where we take away points from you and then we add points back to you. During these cases, you will see two rows -one with a positive value and one with a negative value.

What if I still think there was a mistake?

We encourage our users to dig into their results if they still don't look right and let us know so we can help address.

Please include the date and time of the event and a screen shot of your CSV.  If you disagree with the base points, take a look at the reduction we calculated and send us your green button data if it didn't match. if you believe the bonus provided for streak or status was wrong, please lay out those details as well.  

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