Just like a power plant, OhmConnect has contractual obligations to the grid to provide energy when needed. When an #OhmHour doesn’t provide the energy savings expected, OhmConnect receives a financial penalty.

These financial penalties are passed along to users who don’t save energy during the event as negative points. Here are a few things to consider:

  • If your results look really wrong, please take a look at your utility website and see what it tells you and compare it to the energy use we measured. If there is a significant difference, send us a screenshot from your utility website and a CSV file and we will try to resolve it with your utility provider. You will need to look at the energy data usage for just the time period of the #OhmHour. If you find that our data differs from your utility data, please let us know by including a screenshot of that data here when you respond so we can fix it and make sure you get paid properly for your efforts.
    Do keep in mind, your utility will likely send us updated data that matches your utilities data with 3-5 days, at which time your #OhmHour points will be automatically recalculated to include the proper points, and status and streak bonuses. 
  • If you were trying to save energy, but still received negative points, check around your home for sneaky energy hogs. You can see tips for reducing energy in the article What should I do during my #OhmHour to reduce power?
  • Opt-out! If you know you won’t be able to participate in an #OhmHour, let us know by opting-out and you will not receive any negative points for that event.
  • There is an Opt Out card in the Token Marketplace that will forgive your overage.  Check here for all the ways you can earn tokens.
  • There is also a Streak Shield card which will allow you to maintain your streak.  That one is worth saving up for!

AutoOhm reminder:

In AutoOhms you won't ever get negative points since you always get flat rewards for every smart device that turns off in each AutoOhm! Learn more here.

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