Welcome to OhmConnect!

To sign up with us, go to this page. If you haven't yet created an account with us with an email and password, you'll need to do that first. 

Then, you'll be directed to select and connect to your utility account. 

Wait, why do I connect my utility account?
We pay you when you use less energy than normal during peak times (what we call #OhmHours). We partner with utility providers to measure your energy use so we can reward you when you reduce.

How does OhmConnect work?
When the demand for energy is high, California -- and select other areas -- prefers to pay programs like OhmConnect to save energy rather than pay a dirty power plant to produce more power. We pass those earnings to our community of energy savers who power down during #OhmHours when the grid needs it most. It's a win-win for our environment and everyone's wallets!

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