Utility companies like PG&E, SDG&E, and SCE will sometimes have their own energy-saving Demand Response programs — these are similar to OhmConnect, but offer different benefits. 

You can only be in one of these programs at a time, so if you want to join OhmConnect, you'll have to disenroll from the other.

To disenroll from another program, choose your utility:

Comparing other programs:

If you're not sure if OhmConnect is the right choice for you, and want to see how OhmConnect compares to the other programs offered through PG&E, check out the scorecard here:

Disenrollment from a conflicting program usually takes a few days to process via your utility provider. Once your utility provider confirms that you have opted out, this will be reflected on your OhmConnect settings page, and you should reach Silver status the following day.

Click below to learn how to disenroll from your specific program. 

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