We have two ways you can earn cash for saving energy: #OhmHours and AutoOhms. To earn cash in either, you must connect your utility account to OhmConnect.


#OhmHours have been around for a while. You will receive about one or two #OhmHours per week, in which case you are asked to save energy for about one hour. 

It’s really simple to participate in an #OhmHour:  switch off a few lights, unplug unused electronics, adjust your home heating and cooling. While not required -- if you have smart devices, OhmConnect can automatically switch them off for you.

You can set the hours you prefer to receive #OhmHours and you are generally given a full day’s notice to prepare for the event. You will be reminded right before it starts, and are able to opt out of any #OhmHour up to 15 minutes into the hour. 

Your savings are measured based on your historical use supplied by your smart meter. You can read more about how your savings are measured in the Participating in #OhmHours section.


AutoOhms are a new way for you to save energy when the grid needs you, without lifting a finger. AutoOhms require that you have smart devices connected, like Wifi-enabled plugs and thermostats,

With AutoOhms, your smart devices (which you already have connected!) automatically power down in real-time, and you earn a flat rate for each device that turns off. 

AutoOhms are a simpler way to get rewarded: once you connect devices, they do all the work for you. No running around your house; no goals to beat. Just sit back as your devices power down, and watch as the cash rolls in! 

During an AutoOhm, your smart thermostats and any devices and appliances that are connected to smart plugs will power down automatically. You’ll earn a flat rate for every 15 minutes each appliance is off -- which means the more plugs and thermostats you have connected, the more you make!

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