OhmConnect does not have any fees, and there is no equipment to install. OhmConnect does not affect your power bill in any way, nor do we have access to your billing, and we will never charge you for anything, except for device purchases from our store. 

We do not manage or alter your power in any way either. We simply ask you to turn off a few lights and appliances for an hour or two a week. If you reduce enough energy during an #OhmHour event, you'll earn points that you cash out to your PayPal for cash.

Want to upgrade? We’ve got you covered!

Our new, opt-in energy membership, OhmSmart, makes unlocking more rewards with OhmConnect a breeze. For just $4.99 a month, you’ll get smart plugs delivered to your door, giving you hands-free #OhmHours (we'll turn off and back on your most energy hogging appliances!), streak protection, and a lifetime sale on our store. Plus, your new tech gets you access to access to our new real-time events AutoOhms. OhmSmart is the easiest way to maximize your energy savings. Learn more here.

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