PG&E’s Smart AC program has confirmed that there is a bug with the system that records PG&E’s SmartAC program de-enrollment information. As a result of the defect, SmartAC de-enrollment statuses and de-enrollment effective dates are not being included in the data feed, leading to OhmConnect users being dropped to Bronze status. The SmartAC program administrators are working with IT resources to fix the issue. A fix will be deployed as soon as possible, as this is a high priority item.

If you are reduced to Bronze status due to SmartAC, please contact support so we can restore you back to your previous status level.

However, please be aware that due to this issue on the utility side, there is a small chance you may be dropped back to Bronze in 1-2 weeks. If that happens, please contact support again and let us know so we can advance you back to your previous correct staus. 

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