We value transparency and honesty.  

As you know, cashouts are currently not available for SCE customers and we want to tell you why.
Here’s how our business works: SCE (and our other utility partners) pay us when our community reduces electricity consumption by an amount outlined in our contracts. In simplest terms, for every $1 they pay us, we pass on roughly $.80 to you. 

We get paid … and then we pay you. (Or at least, that’s how it’s supposed to work). For the past eight months, we have been paying you even though SCE hasn’t been been paying us. It pains us, but in spite of the State of California telling SCE to pay us, it still hasn’t happened - SCE is refusing to pay us and honor their agreement with OhmConnect.

We’re a start up.  We’re well-intentioned. But we simply cannot afford to continue to pay you for saving electricity if we don’t get paid.

We’re sincerely sorry for the inconvenience. We hope SCE does the right thing -- so we can continue to do the right thing, for you and the environment. 

What YOU can do:
-Contact SCE by phone or email and ask them to value your reductions via OhmConnect.
-Contact your representative to ask them to weigh in and support energy saving programs like OhmConnect (also known as Demand Response programs or DRAM.)
-Tweet directly to @SCE with the hashtag #PayOhmConnectSCE 

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