Working together to save energy.
When people save energy together, we can make a big impact. Save energy once per week during specified #OhmHours to help reduce the need for dirty power plants and have the chance to win prizes.

Our Impact in Numbers

So far, we've collectively saved [[cumulative_reduction_with_head_start]] MWh this season. When we get to 1 GWh, we'll award $100,000 to one skillful energy saver.

Check out our community's impact last summer.


117,213 people worked
together to save energy
during the summer of 2018


Our community's energy reductions
were the carbon equivalent
of planting 2 million trees


We prevented 4 dirty
power plants from
turning on.

How to play

1. Qualify for bi-weekly prize

Hit your Prize #OhmHour goal, get a referral, or have a device participate during the Prize #OhmHour.

2. Winners announced at 5PM every other Sunday

Randomly chosen qualified users will be awarded the prizes and announced on Facebook Live. Check out the prizes and winners below.

3. Qualify five times for a chance at $100,000

One skillful energy saver will win $100,000 at the end of the program. Qualify five separate periods for a chance to win.

Prizes and Winners

Grand Prize

$100,000 cash!

One skillfull energy saver is going to walk away with a cool $100,000. Get entered into our bi-weekly prize at least five times for a chance to win.


Stay tuned for announcement once our community saves 1 GWh


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The Nitty Gritty Details

  1. Qualifying actions for the prize are: you must either achieve your Prize #OhmHour goal, get a referral to Silver during that two week period, or have a device successfully participate during the Prize #OhmHour.
  2. A referral must reach Silver status within that time period to count as as qualifying event.
  3. Each weekly prize qualification period starts after a winner a selected every other Sunday evening.
  4. You may only qualify for the bi-weekly prize once within a single eligibility period.
  5. Your eligibility for hitting Prize #OhmHour goal is determined when your meter data is calculated and not when you participated in a Prize #OhmHour.
  6. To qualify for the grand prize, you must qualify for the bi-weekly prize at least five times.
  7. Winners for both the bi-weekly prize and grand prize will be chosen by randomly selecting a user from within the pool of qualified users.
  8. You can read the Official Rules to Power in Numbers here.