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Get Your Energy Bill
Paid for LIFE

MEGA Summer is back!

With summers getting hotter and hotter, this is the season to make the biggest impact on the climate, the community, and your wallet by conserving energy during the times that matter most.

Since energy savings are most critical during hot summer days, we’re offering some epic bonus giveaways to sweeten the pot if you consistently save energy during #OhmHours: weekly chances to win prizes like home entertainment systems, swag and cash -- as well as the chance to win our Grand Prize: Your energy bill paid for life!

Follow the progress of qualified users for the End of Summer Grand Prize:

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The winner will be announced on October 7 at 8pm


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Winners of past prizes as well as current prize information can be found here.

How to win

woman stretching her arms in the air celebrating having hit one of 3 MEGA Summer goals
Hit 1 of 3 goals
Qualify for a chance to win a weekly prize by reaching Gold status or higher, having a smart device save energy during an #OhmHour, MEGA #OhmHour or AutoOhm, or by successfully referring a friend during the week.
Katie and Greg announcing MEGA Summer prizes
Weekly prize announcements
A random qualified user will be awarded the weekly prize and announced on Facebook Live each Sunday at 5pm. Check out the prizes and winners below.
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Qualify 5 times for the Grand Prize
Qualify for the weekly prize five times or more for a chance to win the MEGA Summer Grand Prize: your energy bill paid for life!

MEGA Summer Impact

2019 was another successful MEGA Summer season and it blew our socks off once more. Together, through our individual micro-actions of things like unplugging electronics and dining by candlelight during #OhmHours, we were able to reduce demand on the energy grid by more than 380 MWh, which is the carbon equivalent of:

  • shutting down 4 dirty power plants
  • charging 34 million smartphones
  • powering a home for 46 YEARS!
  • running the AC for 16 years straight

... in just FOUR months!
We can't wait to see what we can accomplish this year.

New to OhmConnect? No problem!

What's an #OhmHour?
#OhmHours are windows of time where saving energy matters most. When you power down in these critical times, you get paid! Typically, #OhmHours last one hour. During the summer, when the energy grid is highly stressed, they can be longer. Connect your utility account to get started!

Okay... what's a MEGA #OhmHour?
MEGA #OhmHours happen when the grid is especially stressed. They happen a few times throughout the summer and typically come with higher payouts, especially if you’ve got a points multiplier by being Gold status or higher! Unlike last year, MEGA #OhmHours on their own don’t qualify you for the weekly prize.

For more information on MEGA #OhmHours click here.

Get smart about saving this MEGA Summer
Rake in even more rewards this summer by connecting smart devices, like WiFi-enabled plugs and thermostats! Not only will you earn more (and do less!) when it’s time to power down, you’ll also be entered to win our MEGA Summer weekly prizes just by having a device . Plus you’ll start earning automatically in AutoOhms, our new simpler and shorter energy-saving events.

Prizes and Winners

Grand prize for MEGA Summer by OhmConnect - energy bill paid for life

Grand Prize - Energy Bill Paid for Life


Tune in for live awards onOctober 7 at 8pm


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June 4 - June 10 Prize

$5,000 Target Shopping Spree

Ever wish you could just walk down the aisles of Target and throw things into your cart with abandon? Your dream can now be your reality. This week's prize is a $5,000 sponsored #TargetRun.


Tune in for winner on Sunday at 5PM...

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June 1 - June 7 Prize

Patagonia Outdoor Makeover

Give your outerwear and adventure clothing a makeover! This week's winner received $5,000 gift certificate to Patagonia to outfit their family with the world's best sustainable source of outerwear.

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June 1 - June 7 Prize

Iceland Family Vacation

Iceland's beautiful vistas are only surpassed by the beauty of their 100% renewable grid! An extended family vacation to Iceland is on us!

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The Nitty Gritty Details

  1. To be entered into the weekly prize drawing, you must meet one of the following goals during the prize qualification period: reach Gold, Platinum or Diamond status, have a smart device save energy during an “energy saving event”, or your referral connects their utility account and saves energy during an energy saving event. 
  2. The first weekly prize qualification starts on June 1st at 12:01 am PST and lasts until Friday, June 5th at 5:00 pm PST. All subsequent weekly prize qualification periods start on Fridays at 5:01 pm PST and last seven days to the following Friday at 5:00 pm PST.
  3. Weekly prize winners are selected on Friday at 5:00 pm PST and announced two days later on our Sunday Facebook Live Broadcast at 5:00 pm PST.
  4. If you achieve at least one of the qualifications during the weekly qualifying period, you will be entered into the drawing.
  5. To qualify for the end-of-summer Grand Prize, you must qualify for the weekly prize at least five times.
  6. Winners for both the weekly prize and end-of-summer Grand Prize will be chosen by randomly selecting a user from within the pool of qualified users.
  7. You can read the Official Rules to Mega Summer here.
  8. If you'd like to learn more about recent changes to rewards, take a look here.