Google Home Mini offer from OhmConnect

Join OhmConnect and get paid for your energy savings

This limited time offer of a Google Home Mini (worth $50!) is available to new users who:

  • Connect their SCE, SDG&E or PG&E utility account and
  • Participate in our energy savings events (#OhmHours)
We will deliver the Google Home Mini to your service address.

How OhmConnect works:

A hand holding a phone illustrating how to connect your utility to OhmConnect
Connect your utility meter
All PG&E, SCE, and SDG&E electric service customers are eligible. Our service is free, does not change your utility plan, and you can opt-out at any time.
A plug connected to a plant portraying energy saving helps the environment
Save energy
We'll let you know when your energy is dirty and ask you to save for one hour a week between 5-9 pm when solar energy is not available.
A coin being put inside a piggy bank
Get rewarded
Since California pays us for avoiding dirty power plants being turned on, we are able to reward you for your savings with cash back payments and a chance to win prizes.

Save energy and enjoy your Google Mini Home

Google Home Mini shown in a living room with a family of four playing games

Get hands-free help in any room. Google Home Mini has the Google Assistant built in, so you can ask it questions and tell it to do things.

The Assistant even recognizes different voices using Voice Match, so answers are personalized for you. Use one or have a few around the house.

You can use your free Google Home Mini to talk to OhmConnect with the Google Assistant and ask about your #OhmHours, your results and even current energy prices.

More details on how to set it up can be found here.

Google Home Mini on a wooden surface in a living room showing three kids laying on a carpet watching TV
A woman in bed looking at her Google Home Mini on the night stand

You can also use your Google Home Mini to voice control your smart home to be more energy efficient during #OhmHours.

Use your voice to control lights, thermostats, switches and more from popular home automation systems, like Nest and TP-Link.

Google and Google Home Mini are trademarks of Google LLC.

What our users say:

"Not only am I making extra cash with OhmConnect, but by powering down, I’m also not incurring any costs from my utility during that time either...which my husband and I can both really get behind.”
-Julie, from Temecula, CA

"Our family uses #OhmHours as a time to unplug, get outside and help the environment. As a result, we get paid and the boys earn money for their college fund!"
- Vince, from San Francisco, CA